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Wang Genxu
Director of Gongga Mountain Observation Station and Division of Ecohydrology
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physical geography
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No.9,Block 4,Renminnan Road, Chengdu


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Winner of “New Century Talents Program” of National Ministry of Education;
Winner of the Fund for Distinguished Youth Scientist, Gansu Province.
 Published over 140 academic papers, including 34 SCI-cited papers and 3 monographs.
Community service:
President and Vice Secretary-gereral of Chinese Branch Society of International Landscape Ecology; Member of Special Committee of Hydrology and Geography, Chinese Society of Geography; Member of Special Committee of Landscape Ecology, Chinese Society of Ecology; Member of Special Committee of Water Resources, Chinese Society of Natural Resources; Member of Chinese National Committee on WCRP/CliC and IUGG/IACS; Editor of Chinese Journal of Ecology; Editor of Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology.
Commitment to research the situation:
    Prof. Wang have been in charge of and participated in more than 16 projects, including National 973 Project, National Natural Science Foundation Project, Major Project of CAS, and provincial or ministry level projects.
    Prof. Wang is now in charge of 4 projects, including National Natural Science Foundation Key Project, National 973 Project, and projects from Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS.