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Name Research direction Academic title Subject categories

Dynamics of debris flow and landslides;

Granular flow and Multiphase flow;

Mechanism of sediment transport;

Soil Mechanics and slope failure mechanism;

Numerical study by CFD-DEM coupling methods
Professor Earth Science

Soil erosion, soil and water conservation, Ecological restoration and Mountain geography

Professor Physical Geography
Biogeochemistry and Environment Change in Mountain Area Professor Geography
    Mountain Remote Sensing and its Integrated Application
Professor Remote Sensing & GIS

Numerical analysis of mountain hazards including landslide and debris flow

Mechanism of Sediment transport and erosion processes in mountain streams

Dynamics of Debris flows including formation, movement and deposition

Professor Geohazards and Geotechnical Engineering

  Tree physiology and ecology、Global change、Rhizosphere ecology

Professor Ecology

  Mechanism of landslides

Professor Geotechnical Engineering

  Local and regional sustainable development;

  Urbanization of mountain area;

  Resource and environment capability in mountain areas.

Professor Geography

  Biogeochemistry, Physicalgeography,Quaternary, Environmental science

Professor Biogeochemistry

movement mechanism,model experiment and comprehensive mitigation technolgies of debris flow

Special Professor Geotechnical engineering

Contaminant hydrology;
Soil physics;
Soil contamination and remediation.

Professor Soil Science

  Tree Physiology and Molecular Ecology

Professor Forestry, Ecology
Mountain environment, forest ecology Professor Hydrology and water sources
Professor Physical Geography
Natural disasters (debris flow and landslide), erosion and sediment yield, fluvial geomorphology Member of CAS Physical Geography
engaged in the research of hydrology, water resource, ecosystem and regional development 
Professor Geography
Professor Human Geography

  Mountain hazards (landslide, debris flow, rock avalanches) formation & evolution mechanism and mitigation key technology

Professor Geotechnical Engineering